Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dixie Christian Community Vanishes; Lone Jew Strikes it Rich

I’m true to my multi-faceted heritage: a Jew abandoned by God to exile; an impoverished academic in a land that doesn’t value education; a Canadian with no Green Card struggling to support the meshpuchah; and a proud descendent of der Royter Gonef fun Vilna, a legendary horse thief from the Russian Empire. 

What this means is that I’m an unabashed Schnorrer: I never turn down a free lunch; I’ll take your boots, jacket, aquarium, livestock, and depending on its genealogy, your underwear. 

So when my neighbors disappeared at 6pm on May 21, I hit the jackpot.  If these Christians are entitled to blessed salvation, do I not, the tormented Israelite, have the right to sleep in comfort, be well nourished, get a new TV?  

So I headed out into the streets, to collect what (and who) was left behind:


  1. Hang on to that sense of humor buddy! Apparently human development is a long slow slog. But at least the weather is warmer than in Canada.

  2. Not as samrt as some - there were those who offered to ake care of these nuts' pets, for a non-refundable fee.